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Luminosity has been providing branding and marketing focussed graphic design solutions to Perth businesses since 1990. This site provides information dedicated to the topic of graphic design.

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The role of graphic design in business

Graphic design is a powerful and often under-estimated marketing communication tool. It’s so much more than mere visual embellishment. Quality graphic design is focused on the strategic use of visual devices to communicate specific messages or to create a particular perception or response.

Graphic design should always be viewed as a subordinate function to an organisation’s business, marketing and branding objectives. It’s imperative that these objectives are used to determine the graphic design approach for any branding or marketing communication initiative. Often, in their pursuit of design excellence, designers can drift into creative self indulgence, rather than focusing on the client’s organisational objectives.

At Luminosity, the Creative Director’s primary focus is to carefully guide the use creativity to meet project objectives. We believe that designers should always be aware of the marketing considerations relating to the design, such as the target audience, the desired market positioning and what the desired consumer perception (brand) is. That’s why our Creative Directors (ex designers) communicate these objectives succinctly to the designers during the briefing processes and, at every step of the design process, evaluate the effectiveness of the design solution in achieving these objectives.

For great results from your visual communication initiatives, look for a design or branding consultancy that understands and use business and marketing objectives to drive creative solutions. That’s not to say that you need to compromise on the quality of the design solutions developed. Graphic design excellence should work hand-in-hand with a focus on marketing and communication objectives.

A more strategic and targeted approach will ensure improvements in the results obtained from your visual communication initiatives. The aim should always be to maximise your organisation’s return on investment, while maximising the long-term brand-building benefits from all your marketing efforts. Difficult to achieve, but this approach will give you the best of both worlds.

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